Tools for Measuring

Inside Diameter (ID)

Precision measurement of Inside Diameters is covered by our broad range of accurate gaging systems

Tools to Measure

Outside Diameter (OD)

No diameter is too small or too large for the variety of the precision gages we offer for OD features

Tools to Measure

Height + Layout

Open setups to automated height gages are offered in our complete line for any tool room and inspection area

Functional + Master Gages

Fixed limit, MASTERS and GO/NOGO gaging has been the primary source for thread and precision ID and OD features

Non-Contact Measurement

Air Gaging, Laser Gaging, optical and video comparators and other measurement systems are all offered on

Data Collection SPC

Collecting data from gages and evaluating in simple Excel or SPC formats is achieved by our wide array of data collection items


Analog or Digital amplifiers using LVDT or modern digital probing can all be found for your measurement application


Dial or Digital, long range, high accuracy or Inch or Metric. We represent all the major brands

Physical Testing

Force Measurement gages are complimented by Ultrasonic, Coating Measurement and Hardness testers of all varieties

Depth Measurement

Depth of holes, chamfers, countersinks or related features require precision and accuracy which are all found here

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Magnetic Particle and Die Penetrant are staples to our product lines of NDT related equipment